The Marathon

Just got back to work this morning and found that my in-tray is not only full but overflowing and my diary is pepppered with appointments and meetings. I am also covering for my colleague who is on leave for the next 2 weeks and with the reshuffling of our directors, I also have to cover for one of them until we find his replacement - so altogether, with mine, that's 3 persons' work that I had to do. So apologies for those expecting to read a new entry about something factual about Brunei this morning - I am doing work marathon today with work way up to my neck and can't reallly think of much outside work this morning.

And since I just got back to Brunei yesterday afternoon, I can't join in the comments for Brunei's biggest event - the Brunei Marathon. My family and I were on the road early yesterday morning heading towards KLIA when the Brunei Marathon was held. The Brunei Marathon from what I have read had many problems - that's what most of the major bloggers had said and even my driver mentioned it to me this morning on the way to work. However I am quite surprised to hear about it considering this is not our first time organising it and secondly, from what I have discovered, organising events is Brunei's speciality. So, what happened?

Hopefully, I have an answer tomorrow. Or at the very least a new daily entry on something about Brunei. Apologies for to everyone.


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