Brunei's New Export

I read in the New Straits Times (December 5, 2006) the report of one parliamentary debate on the situation of Bukit Bintang in KL. According to the paper, last week, one Malaysian MP described the place as becoming like the infamous Patpong area in Bangkok.

Yesterday, Bukit Bintang was described as a vice den. One MP said pimps ruled in Bukit Bitang and were blatantly offering p* to passers by. According to him ".. he recounted being approached by a transvestite from Brunei who told him that Malaysian laws were more lenient on soliciting than in his own country. To the amusement of fellow MPs, Yusop said, " He (the transvestite) said one could be whipped in Brunei for soliciting. He said all he had to face here was a fine." .."

There are many ways we can read into this news article. If the Malaysian Parliament opreate the same way as the British Parliament, if I am not mistaken the MP's speech is protected by parliamentary privilege and these members of Parliament cannot be sued or prosecuted for anything they say in debate in parliament. That's assuming he said something which in the ordinary sense can be sued.

The question is - did he say something bad about Brunei? He did imply that the Brunei laws are stricter when it comes to transvestite, depending on your point of view that could either be good or bad. Though honestly speaking I have not heard much about anyone being whipped because of being a transvestite in Brunei. What the MP also indicated is that there are Brunei transvestite who now operate in the BB area. Again that's something we can't do anything about. I don't know whether they travel with their dresses or in ordinary clothing or whether we could have stopped them from going to KL.

What's today's point? Nothing really, other than to highlight that particular news that I read in yesterday's newspaper and that even a single news item can have many takes. By the way, it's not available on the internet. Maybe just something for everyone to ponder upon. That kind of problem tended to be below our radar screen but we don't know the long term implication of it.

Anyway, I am in KL on a week's leave. I don't have access to my usual research material and hence, my postings for the rest of the week will be on the very bland side - perhaps at least to cool down from the previous few serious postings.


FlyBoy said…
In the Qur'an, the people of Lut were destroyed by Allah because of their sexual tendencies towards men.

There are laws in Brunei that prohibits a man from dressing up as a woman and a woman dressing up as a man.

Unfortunately, tranverstites or whatever you may want to call them in this day and age are commonly accepted as one of the norms of society.

This is haraam, this is haraam, this is haraam. And we all know it. And we as a responsible society are not doing much to stop it or even prevent it.

The solution lies with our children's upbringing at home. Are we too busy to teach them the values of the Qur'an and the Sunnah?

Or must we be punished by Allah, like the people of Lut, for having transverstites amongst us?
Anonymous said…
have great vacation :)
Anonymous said…
have *a great vacation :)
Anonymous said…
to me, its a positive comment pulang. it shows that we dont encourage unhealthy behaviour here. Makin ramai udah urang cani ani..any other reason y?
Anonymous said…
The MP could be telling the truth. But then again he may not. If we are to talk about probability, how probable is it that a Bruneian tranvestite (TV)ply his trade at Bukit Bintang? Not that probable becos' he is facing tough competition from the locals who I must admit look the real McCoy. C'mon, is it worthwhile for si Usop to go all the way to KL to ply his trade there so that he can earn meagre income to save for his operation? Mind you he has to earn enough to cover 'costs' ie transport, accomodation, clothing, make up and of course makan. Further, what about the risk he is taking, the injury (ahem) and abuse. Could it be that unemployment is sooo bad in Brunei that it is worthwhile to go to KL and do this? The MP was not talking about students he was talking about professional TVs!

BTW what was the MP doing talking to the so called Brunei Transvestite anyway? Was he doing some kind of research into the make up of the TVs at Bt Bintang? Or was he sampling the services and studying the impact of foreign TVs on the income of the locals? I cant help but wonder why the MP need to mention Brunei. Maybe the TV really is Bruneian. But what if he is not? Maybe Bruneian TVs are in demand in KL hence the claim to be Bruneian. It certainly add a little bit of mystique to it. Someone out there would probably want to know what Bruneian TVs are like, LOL. That would explain the untrue whipping story. So far no TVs has been whipped in Brunei just for being a TV. But what if the MP made all this up? So far no one can verify his story and it seems that it has been accepted as the truth. Is there an attempt to demonise Brunei here? Or he was trying to emphasise a point, ie the situation is really bad now that even Bruneian TVs are coming here.

I gotta go. Yes I got nothing better to do hence this lengthy comment.
Anonymous said…
It looks like the age old tranny debate has sparked new controversy.

While it is no doubt humiliating to have our country represented by a 'confused' man, there is a silver lining albiet a tiny one. This man's words imply that Brunei employs a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to social illnesses such as homosexuality.

Too bad those comments don't reflect reality.
Anonymous said…
It disturbs me how people think they choose this type of lifestyle. Thought it's not scientifically proven, yet there are so much controversy behind it. As a gay man , I've been through both suffering and torturing that one human being could endure.No heterosexual human could empathsize what the GLBT society feel. If I was given the choice to choose my sexuality, Of course I would Opt for the majority(heterosexual) rather than the minority (homosexual but it's not as simple as you think it is. When I was young , every single day I look up into the sky and ask god to turn me straight but my prayers were never answered. As much as I wish I could change my sexuality like a toliet roll, I tend to accept the fact that this is who I am. I'm not going to make it a huge issue as it doesn't define me, as a whole person. If they have a problem about my sexuality , then it's their problem.

Transvestite are simply guys who are treapped in the wrong body. If you were to go to thailand , people wouldn't have any problems about this and I don't see why anyone should have any problems about it in today's society. Transsexuals make a living up there by entertaining people on stage that it has become a tourist attraction at Pattaya. Those who do have a problem are individual that aren't expose to culture and the outside world. We all know that as long as the world stays, They're always people LIKE us around.

To anonymous, they're not unhealthy behaviour. They're merely behaviour that we aren't able to explain ourself.
Anonymous said…
To young bruneian,
There's nothing humiliating about a "confused man" representing our country because every country has transvestites. The reality is , that we are here to Stay ... and it's so sad of you to think that homosexuality is an illness. Maybe you are so secluded in your own world that you don't even know how the laws are changing around the world for homosexuality. It's been a while since MOST countries rules out homosexual as an illness.
Anonymous said…
young and proud, it is unhealthy, to me. I cant say otherwise, and never will. But, thats my problem, as u said. So be it (altho i dont see it as my problem,really. I have GLBT frens, n i respect them as a human being, as a fren, despite the things ive said). Each individual knows wat is best for them..they choose wats best for them..and work to achieve it. Its just my opinion.
Anonymous said…
The way I see it the transvestite is saying that he would get whipped for soliciting in Brunei but only get a fine in Malaysia. But then that's just me.
Anonymous said…
There will be a time when society will accept the wrong( to become the norm) and reject the right (to become the outcast)... I guess we're starting to see the beginning of it.
Anonymous said…
Again as a Muslim, transvestites r a no no. Maybe u'v chngd ur sex.. Hv u chngd religion t0o? Pls xcuse me if ur n0t a muslim "young and pround" & "anonymous". If u r then u shud kn0w whats riGht n whats wr0ng... even in todays world where "anon" said homo is ok!

Thats f.o.c. for my thought.
Anonymous said…
unfortunately , I'm not a muslim anonymous. and yes you're excused. Lol.

BTW it's young and proud NOT pround
Anonymous said…
As a father to a young boy who I love and care so much, it saddening to know this life trend is coming into him.

Maybe someone out there could help bringing back my boy to a good muslim again.
Anonymous said…
Its not the duty of others to bring up your child. Its the duty of the parents to teach them right from wrong. Thats the duty of any Muslim Ummah.

It is apparent that the judgement day is prying unto us. As mentioned, wrong is ok and right is not ok. Wrong to see Muslimah in full covered attire and its ok to see them 1/4 covered. Akward to see colleagues go and solat to mosque and ok to hang around in cafeteria during Azan. Men do men and women do women in the western is ok (Hopefully its not going to be a popular trend in Brunei any time soon or Ill die of disappointment)Its a crazy world and we are the one who push the self destruct button.

Why is this happening to a Muslim Nation? Is it because we are not being honest on doing the small things in life and consider a 'big sin only if we do BIG SIN'? Has not the Governement done a lot of things to spread and practice the way of The Prophet (PBUH) and Sunnah and yet the people still fail? No one else to blame but oneself to fail miserably.
Anonymous said…
God made two kinds; those who pee standing up and those who sit down. Why would someone want to change that?

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