Let me brag about www.bruneiresources.com for a while. One of the many verbal comments (you have to trust me on this) is that the website BRUNEIresources.com is an interesting website. Interesting is really an interesting word. I am not so sure whether to take it as a compliment or otherwise. I have yet to come across people who actually said the website is good or it provides fulfilment to their life. Anything other than 'interesting' would be nice to hear. Alright, alright, I don't want to sound as if I am fishing for compliments here.

As a one-man website and hence the website owner, designer, administrator, developer, typist, programmer as well as its sole content provider, I actually received a number of emails from students and other interested parties about Brunei. There was this one time, someone from India wanted to sell jewelleries to our biggest boss and was asking whether I could help him (plus a commission too!). I told him to contact our High Commission in India. Royalty watchers write in too asking for photographs of the various members of the Royal Family. I normally told them what I have available on the website is all I have, I don't have anything else. Royal Family watchers around the world formed some 60% of the total number of visitors to BRUNEIresources.com. I am just amazed the number of photo downloads, there seemed to be a cult out there.

The other major downloads are music. If you have not been to the music page on www.bruneiresources.com/music.html, go there now. This is the only website in the entire world, in fact, in the entire universe, that has Brunei classical songs, Brunei patriotic songs, SEA games songs, Royal Wedding songs that you can download and listen to. Even RTB does not have this collection and it took me years to amass all these. And I charge you nothing. And all I get is the website is interesting, tsk, tsk.

I won't even mention the many papers and powerpoints and pdf files that I put available. I can even tell when UBD papers are due as suddenly the number of downloads on certain files get so massive (every month about 10GB worth of materials gets downloaded from the website). It must be very boring for the UBD lecturer when he marks all these papers. These papers must be referring to the same few papers available on www.bruneiresources.com. I keep smiling everytime I picture this lecturer reading the same points over and over again. I look forward to the day when www.bruneiresources.com become the sole reference point for UBD papers and papers related to Brunei Darussalam. Now, that will be interesting!


Anonymous said…
Interesting ;)

- Golfaholic.

ps. we should have a game of golf.I'm an 18 hcper n i play at RBA every week.my email basecheck@hotmail.com

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