Nobodies to Somebodies

Someone asked me once - how did you get promoted? That's what my colleagues would say - soalan cepu emas - the million dollar question. I can think of some reasons. But honestly speaking the real answer to that is I have no idea. I have always been quietly doing my work and minding my own business when things just popped out of the blue. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for my promotion, it does provide me and my family that extra comfort in life, and for me to indulge in my hobby of buying model airplanes and books. Of course, there are times when I would gladly trade it in for the annonymity, the calm and tranquility that I used to enjoy before my appointment.

Does luck have anything to do with it? Perhaps. But when you think about it, luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. You have to have the opportunity but at the same time you would have to be prepared. It's like surfing - you have to be ready with your surfboard at the right place and when the big wave comes, you are ready to surf. Even if suddenly a big perfect wave came but you are on shore with your surfboard, you certainly are not able to take advantage of it.

This relates to a new book called 'Nobodies to Somebodies' written by a Peter Han. Peter Han has written for the New York Times, Boston Herald and also Associated Press. He has a website for the book at The book is interesting as it interviews 100 highly accomplished leaders and in the book they described their earlier paths, the choices they make and the lessons that they learned which propels them from being a nobody into a somebody. When you think about it, apart from a select few, practically everyone starts off being unknown. If we don't do anything, we remain a nobody, an unknown. That's the lesson from this book - we can actually change and become 'somebodies'.

There are just too many lessons in the book. Among others, the book described one way to be a somebody is to become the big fish by mastering the small pond, and then only will you be able to gain the confidence to raise your ambitions. You have to acheive smaller tasks before you can do bigger stuffs. You must also be able to learn when to stay at your job and when to go. You need to have a huge appetite to work and towards gaining hands on experience. And you must keep learning and learning. Be competitive. Be prepared to change. Don't let old plans get in the way of new opportunities or luck. Personal and professional growth is something you need to constantly do. But above all you need to have willpower and passion.

I hope that helps people who are interested in becoming a somebody. Happy Reading!


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