Food is an Interesting Topic

I was surprised to see my name being mentioned twice in BB this week - one for attending an IT sales seminar and the other for meeting a foreign delegation. My office did not issue the news releases, it was done by the other parties. Sometimes I forget my official position. The one thing one realised after a while is having to be very careful what one does and where one goes. I used to be able to walk around malls in simple clothes - a pair of slippers, t-shirts and sports pants and my favourite food are obtained at the Indian run eating houses especially the curry ones. I haven't been to one in ages. Man! I missed those days. Seriously.

Food is an interesting topic. When I first started blogging on spaces.msn I used to upload photos of the interesting food I come across. I hardly mention it nowadays cause I don't really go near food places and when I do, it tends to be the same boring places such as Li Gong Restaurant at the Empire etc. In Brunei, our restaurants are really facing a lot of challenges. Especially with the current crackdown on 'unclean' restaurants. Probably one of these days we have to come up with a grading system like those done in the nearby countries. At least you do know what you are expecting when you are eating at a 'D' classified food stall. That's something I think the authorities ought to do next. If people still insist in eating your food when you are classified 'D', then you must really be good.

A number of foodstalls I used to patronise in Singapore duing my schooldays were certified 'C's and 'D's when the classification was enforced. Their food still tasted very nice notwithstanding. When I was in Jakarta way back in 1991, I was staying with my foster parents during the Youth Ship Program and they took me to this roadside stall famous for its durian juice. I looked at the place and see the flies swarming and I remembered thinking if I survived this, my stomach must be stronger than I thought. I have to admit the durian juice at that stall was one of the best I have ever tasted in my life and lo and behold, nothing happened to me. Sometimes I wonder whether we are over cautious and too prejudiced when it comes to this matter.

The one time I had food poisoning was, of all places, in Singapore. I can't remember what I ate, I thought it was a curry puff bought at one food house in Lucky Plaza and that night I had to call the duty doctor in and he gave me an injection and some tablets. That was the most expensive of all foods, it cost me about $250 for the doctor's trip plus the medications. Nowadays, whenever I travel, I always bring lots of immodium tablets with me. Surprisingly I have not had to rely on them of late despite the raw fish in Japan and Korea and other god knows what. So far I have survived and hopefully I will continue to do that. So maybe we should do the classification thing for our foodstalls and restaurants. That way we can train our stomach by eating at the Cs and Ds stalls in preparation for our overseas trip.


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