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I mentioned the Churchill Museum in one of my earlier spaces.msn blogs on tourism spots. I would just like to bring the subject up again as I received comments on how nice the aquarium was and apparently there used to be a snake exhibits as well. I don't remember the snakes at first but now that it was brought up, I do remember vaguely some form of exhibits on snakes and some reptiles too. Though my better half says they were never there.

This is where this bad memories come in. When you look back nostalgically, everything looked fine and grand in the old days. I don't remember how it was at the aquarium or the snake exhibits. I remember going there and it was nice and fun but you also have to take into account that in the old days, there wasn't anything else to see so there was nothing to compare that too. Honestly speaking, I thought the Churchill memorial was fun too especially the toy soldiers that Churchill played with. I remember longing to be able to touch them and play with them at that time.

However it does emphasise the fact that you don't really need something grand and big for you to be a tourist attraction. The Geneva waterspout is a simple thing to put up. Teddy Bear Museums seemed to be popular and being put up all over the place. Little mermaid statutes in Denmark. Even an old submarine as in Surabaya - the monkasel docked on land and shown to the world became a tourist attraction. We have tried something like that, the old tractors at Damuan Park - my son loved those. Let's get those imagination going. What else is there we can put up and make them into tourist attractions?

Does anyone remember the snakes at the old Churchill Museum?


Zul-Fadly said…
There were big aquariums and I remember that there was a tortoise or was it a really huge turtle. Snakes? I think so as well as I did spend a great deal of my holiday at the Churchill Museum when I was a lad. My Father worked at the nearby Language and Literature Bureau, so my siblings and myself would rendezvou there for some adventure. I also remember it had this place with computer screens and we'd imagine we were in the command center on Startrek.LOL. Am enjoying your blog.

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