Much Ado About Nothing

I never realised just how infuriarating spaces.msn has become of late. I am not sure whether it's because I have so much material or there is a conflict between spaces and mozilla or something. I have been looking to move out for quite a while. Maybe I should do so now. A couple of bloggers have persuaded me that spaces.msn is not the place to be in. One of my loyal commentator also noted his difficulty in making comments, maybe I will just take the plunge. Blogger, here we come!

Anything Mircosoft touches always become cursed somehow. In one of my earliest blogs I mentioned that I was once a subscriber to MSN when I was studying in the USA in the 1990s. Man, I can assure you JTB will beat MSN hands down when it comes to service. MSN tries very hard to be the in-thing but you can always sense the insincerity that they exude. Which is a pity because that's not what you want them to be. I remember during the Clinton reelection. I could not even log on after dialing hundreds of time (there was no broadband at that time). The only respond I could get from them was when I wrote in for the last time to tell them to cancel my subscription. They only ask why and my answer was something quite polite of telling them that I was leaving US instead of the many interesting &*&#$&#()?>"}+%# verbs, adjectives and adverbs I wanted to use. It wasn't that cheap either at that time. It cost me about US$19.95 ($35) a month then.

Life in the US was interesting. The Americans can be so damned innocent sometime and they can be so bloody ignorant like the Malay proverb 'katak bawah tempurong' or frogs under coconut shells. Some of them despite working in a travel agent have absolutely no idea whether Brunei existed! True, I kid you not. And this is in the City of Boston. If you go somewhere like Wichia or something, they probably thought the world is made up of only two countries, America and not America. Though I loved their supermarkets! They are so huge and so ... undescribable. I would spend hours just going through miles of cereals shelves. You won't believe the number of cereals that are actually available there. Live lobsters only cost $3 or less a pound. $10 can get you a huge cooked one complete with butter and lemon. Their food portions are scary too. Food is mountain high. Amazing. And surprisingly cheap too. I remember you can get a bushel of strawberries for about US$2 and when an immigrant strawberry worker died in California (about 3000 miles away from Boston), strawberries prices plummeted down to about US$1 for two bushels. I was buying them by the crateload and have absolutely no worries.

So, what's today's lessons? Nothing, I guess. I think I will just become a blogger like the Seinfeld tv series - the tv series about nothing, so in this case the blog about nothing. I don't have to be under pressure all the time to ensure that all of you are entertained.

Welcome to Blogspot!


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