Simple is Best

I have often argued that simple is best. Too complicated sometimes put people off. By moving to this new blogsite I have decided to go back to simple stuff. Spaces@msn was going too complicated but here it is almost like back to nature.

And that goes the same with attracting people to Brunei. We have already mentioned a few ideas such as including changing of the guards at the Palace, our Royal Regalia Building and a few other things. It struck me of a few other things that I have seen in my extensive travel these last 40 years. I have seen places which tries to think big - Islamaba
d with its wide open avenues but absolutely no traffic and no airport too; some trying to accommodate too much history but with not much development; some doing all sorts of things to stave off the approaching depression etc. Yet the most charming tend to be those that did not really do much.

What is the tourist attraction of Geneva? Other than it being a beautiful city by the lake in Switzerland, there is not much going for it apart from a tradition of watch making. Even then with today's electronic watches, what good is an expensive hand crafted model unless you happen to be a multimillionaire. Interestingly what they have is the tallest manmade water fountain gushing at the lake. Most Geneva photos will have this panorama. And this is nothing. It's just a pump, for goodness sake! A pump pumping water gushing into the air. It doesn't even do anything. No colour, no nothing. Yet millions of people who go to Geneva every year will have his photo taken with that gushing water in the background.

What is there in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark? Other than the biggest flap in the Muslim world about the cartoons published by Denmark's newspaper, Denmark is not really among the most prominent country in the world. And neither does Copenhagen. I have never been there but my father has. He told me it's a beautiful city with one famous tourist attraction. It's a statute of a naked mermaid supposedly the mermaid in one Hans Andersen's fairy tales. You betcha if you end up in Denmark, this is the statute that you will be searching for to have your photo taken with this as a background.

Every places in the world has small statutes or something unique that people want to associate that with the place. Everything has a value that people want. Everything has a price. Sometimes this unique item is not even that old. A culture and a tradition can be started. All you have to do is keep it up. Everything has a beginning. So, think about Brunei. What is it that is unique about Brunei that tourists want to associate with Brunei? Think about our own villages and kampungs. What is there to associate our places? Most importantly, can we keep it up? Sprucing something up or building something up is easy. The hard bit is keeping it up.


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