Healthy Lifestyle in Brunei

Information Department promotes healthy lifestyle through sports
Posted date: December 15, 2014

| Rokiah Mahmud |

THE Information Department in collaboration with Kampong Belimbing Subok Consultative Council yesterday organised a healthy living event dubbed as ‘Healthy Leisure Programme’. The event was held at the Tasik Sarubing Recreational Park in Kampong Belimbing.

The programme was one of the strategic plans of the department in further fostering closer ties at grassroot level with the local communities through social and sports activities.

The guest of honour at the event yesterday was Haji Mohd Rozan bin Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yunos, Permanent Secretary (Media and Cabinet) at the Prime Minister’s Office. Also present were Dato Paduka Haji Mohamad Roselan bin Haji Mohamad Daud, Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, and Mohammad Sunadi bin Haji Buntar, Acting Brunei-Muara District Officer.

One of the objectives of the programme was to encourage the involvement of the officers and staff of the Information Department with the community both in Mukim and village level. The programme was also to promote a healthy lifestyle by being actively involved in sports activities.

During yesterday’s activities, the guest of honour led the charity donation. Fund collected will be channelled to the Brunei-Muara District Orphans Fund. The guest of honour flagged off the participants of the three-kilometre hiking at Bukit Markucing. He also took a closer look at the facilities around Tasik Sarubing Recreational Park and visited the exhibition gallery.

To further enliven the event, a tug-of-war match was organised between a team from Kampong Belimbing Subok led by YB Awang Haji Gapor @ Haji Mohd Daud bin Karim and the Information Department led by their Acting Director, Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad.

There were also several activities that were opened for the participation of senior citizens, youth and children.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


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