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Fitri Shahminan


Friday, December 19, 2014

A PRIVATE sector push is needed to help spawn a local gaming industry and provide future employment opportunities for upcoming developers and animators, a senior official at the Cosmopolitan College and Technology (CCCT) said recently.

The college will be offering a new diploma programme in gaming and animation and it is expected that this will develop the capability of young Bruneians in the field, Rissa Pacuribot, head of Public Relations at CCCT told The Brunei Times.

“We are developing the technology in Brunei... So this is also an opportunity for the private sector to come up with the idea of putting another type of business opportunity that will be ready in Brunei,” she said.

She said it is important to understand what the younger generation is interested in if they are to pursue their studies.

“We have to look also into (their) passion when it comes to a career that they want to pursue. So since this is their interest and passion in the field of education, they can be interested in their studies that they are able to cope and excel more,” said Pacuribot.

Soon, with more locals capable of developing games and animation, it is a chance for the (business community) to develop an industry to provide opportunity and employment for them in the future, she added.

The new programme is a collaboration with Singapore-based Infomatics Academy, she said.

“This is a programme accredited by the Ministry of Education. This is an international programme, so the accreditation given to our Diploma in Gaming and Animation is BTEC National Diploma, so the next pathway will be the National Advanced Diploma - BTEC HND,” said Pacuribot.

She added the programme leads to a relevant degree course.

The course is available on full-time and part-time basis.

Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology Sdn Bhd was established in August 2004 to cater to growing demand for quality human resources training and development services in the country, information on its website stated.

Its mission is to understand and integrate educational, training and development needs of the students and managing them to produce future managers and leaders.

The Brunei Times


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