Sultan Brunei: Use Science to Uplift Society

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah (C), the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and HRH Prince ‘Abdul Wakeel (R) look at children making slime during the Knowledge Convention at the International Convention Centre yesterday. BT/Ridhwan Kamarulzaman


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday encouraged the use of science and technology to improve Muslims’ lives, but warned against using it to undermine the power of Allah SWT.

Delivering his titah during the launch of Knowledge Convention 2014, the Sultan said Islam cannot be separated from science and technology.

“There is nothing wrong with science and technology. Islam in its history of civilisation had contributed to the advancement of science and technology,” His Majesty said.

The monarch said Brunei is not left behind in terms of science and technology.

He said the country uses science and technology to implement the National Development Plans for its infrastructure — roads, buildings, bridges, provision of electricity and water supply, medical facilities and education.

“We make use of science and technology solely for its benefits, not to cause damage on this earth.

Speaking on the convention’s theme of ‘Science and Technology: Catalyst of Development and Enhancing the Ummah’s Quality of Life’, the monarch went on to voice his support to future scientists and technologies.

“We will provide them with support and adequate facilities for their research, where the outcome will bring our nation forward,” His Majesty said.

“When we achieve this, we will not stop and will continue to strive for the benefits and welfare of others as well.

“InsyaAllah, all can benefit from a civilisation that comprised science and technology. We promote kindness and oppose evil for humanity. It is not wrong for us to aspire to be ummatan wasatan (a just and best ummah) as mentioned in the Quran,” His Majesty said. However, the Sultan said Muslims need to be careful in matters related to the country’s development, in their quest to improve their standard of living.

“We do not accept science and technology to belittle Allah SWT, but rather it is used to marvel at His power,” the sovereign added.

His Majesty said children are educated with science and technology that do not contradict religious laws.

“We also reject the use of science and technology as a tool to destroy earth and everything in it. What we accept is science and technology that can be used to instil peace in this world with prosperity and humanity,” he added.

The Sultan went on to say that there are countless scientific indicators in Al-Quran that had been used in science and technology, but has never been highlighted by anyone.

“That is why for us (Muslims), science and technology will be wrong if it is considered to be solely derived from men.

“Science and technology is just a small piece in the pool of knowledge. Knowledge belongs to Allah SWT, it does not belong to anyone,” he said.

It is rewarded to men as a blessing and must be used in ways that are appropriate, His Majesty added. “Allah SWT reminded us that we will be asked during Judgement Day on how and what the blessings are used for,” he said.

His Majesty cited an example of Kaum ‘Aad (people of Aad) who possessed knowledge and skills, but were arrogant and refused to believe in Allah SWT.

He also cited Prophet Hud ‘alaihissalam, who was sent to the people of Aad so that they will return to the right path, but they remained arrogant and therefore Allah (SWT) wiped them out.

The Knowledge Convention, which will end on November 4, is held to mark His Majesty’s 68th birthday.

The Brunei Times



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