Sultan Brunei: No Leniency With Criminals

Nabilah Haris

Sunday, October 5, 2014 - HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday called on law enforcers to find the perpetrator(s) of the recent murder of a woman at a recreational park and send a warning that Brunei is not a safe haven for criminals.

In a titah or royal speech delivered on the eve of Hari Raya Aidil Adha last night, the monarch noted that the perpetrator has yet to be found and whether they are local or not, should be brought to justice.

“I urge our security agencies not to stop pursuing the criminal until he is caught and brought to justice, and they must not be negligent in intensifying efforts towards the prevention of crimes and combating criminals,” His Majesty said, adding that the murder shook the entire country.

The Sultan said all security mechanisms must be improved, and agencies dealing with safety must always stay on their toes and not be fooled by evil tactics that threaten peace and safety.

The monarch said the murder is of great concern to him as the crime is deplorable and can taint the country’s record of being a peaceful and safe place. “I am very concerned about this.”

“Brunei will never be lenient with criminals, be they are petty offenders or hardened criminals,” His Majesty added.

The public were also urged to provide cooperation to enforcement agencies.

His Majesty noted that it is the obligation of all to ensure that the Sultanate continues to enjoy the blessings associated with takbir and zikir.

“Our obligation now is to ensure that all these blessings will continue to be enjoyed by our being consistent in preserving such peace, harmony, justice and unity. We must not let them be ruined, not even a little bit,” the Sultan said.

“In Brunei, people can witness many things that are not easily attainable elsewhere. For example, if people wish to see peace, insyaAllah peace is in Brunei. If people wish to see harmony, harmony can also be found in Brunei. If people wish to see justice, they may find it as well.

“In Brunei, there is no person that is wronged. And if unity is to be seen, it is here. In Brunei, there is no contention between the people or its residents,” added the monarch.

“I believe that all this is Allah’s will, it is our blessing to glorify Him with the takbir and zikir,” said His Majesty.

The Sultan went on to say that Muslims should follow in the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim ‘Alaihissalam who obeyed the order of Allah SWT.

“He was known not only for his faith and obedience to Allah SWT’s orders to sacrifice his son Prophet Ismail ‘Alaihissalam, but he was also a prophet known for his contributions to the peace and prosperity of the ummah (Muslim community),” said the monarch.

The sovereign said the deeds of Prophet Ibrahim is so exceptional that there is no one else who is comparable, adding that his actions continue to be witnessed to this day, not only for the inhabitants of Mekah but all Muslims across the world where they are able to enjoy such peace and prosperity when they are in Mekah.

“Let us take after Prophet Ibrahim ‘Alaihissalam to pray for our country, Brunei Darussalam, so that it may always be filled with peace, well-being and prosperity. May Allah accept our prayers for the Brunei of today, the future and the days to come,” said His Majesty.

Concluding his titah, the monarch conveyed the royal family’s Aidil Adha greetings to the people, and also prayed for the blessings of peace and protection from Allah SWT.

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