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Datin Adina, Acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports receiving contributions from donors through DST (Source: The Brunei Times)
The other day, I was accompanying our MCYS Deputy Minister, Datin Adina who was then Acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports to receive contribution from donors through sms using DST and B-Mobile. DST subscribers contributed about $38,000 and B-Mobile subscribers contributed around $28,000. These donations will go to the Orphans Fund.

Sms contributions is not new to Brunei. We first started using it for the Acheh Tsunami victims around 2004 and later on for the Orphans Fund. At that time the Orphans Fund received some $300,000 about 5 times more than what we received nowadays. Sms donations have been done so often that subscribers have been too inundated that the amount that can be collected has became much less. Lately it was the turn of the flood victims of Thailand and Cambodia.

How do we increase the amount collected? These are all good causes. Perhaps readers out there can point out the other innovative ways of doing this.


Matryoshka said…
Salam :) Maybe the Masjid authorities can keep reminding people to donate (and why we ought to) right before/after the Friday prayers?

To be honest, I have never donated through the SMS service; I don't quite know how to and I'd like to think that I'm not only one of the few who don't, as I think that there are many others who tend not to switch the radio on or come across adverts about it. So, maybe the authorities would want to make the steps more widely and easily known? Maybe DST and B-Mobile can occassionally send messages about it (not sure if they have been doing this though :p)?

Just my suggestions :)
a b said…

What about an official 'Brunei Derma' (smartphone) application? from Matryoshka' comments, I guess there is a section of the community that does not get tcovered via more conventional media.

Such an app, that allows for auto notifications and accepts debit/credit card donations would help. It's reachable to the masses and convenient (ESP with the new rise in debit cards)

If you consider this, may I also suggest asking for development costs to be borne by some of our successful or budding IT entrepreneurs as the set up and dev costs would not be that costly. this would be another way to empower or get community involvement in your process.

P.s a similar smartphone app for the heal ministry would also be beneficial for blood donations etc.
Unknown said…
thank you very much for the pictures, personalised ribbon thanks
Anonymous said…
Banks may help encourage their clients to donate by giving them more points (eg. 2x or 3x points) when donated thru their credit cards.
Anonymous said…
Newspaper reports wrongly addressed the donations made were donated BY the companies.. whereas, actually THE SUBSCRIBERS are the one who donated.. and, I personally thinks this is why people opt NOT to donate via this kind of service anymore.. and I've come across some people who realised this kind of mistakes..
H said…
I think people just need to see that their donations are going somewhere.

I know it is difficult to show the money directly impacting the victims of disasters, but there must some way for us to see the positive outcome of our donations. This encourages us to give again and again, knowing that our donations truly make a difference.

I think having people sincerely give up their money to these causes, is the best way.

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