Brunei Heart of Borneo

During the 8th Heart of Borneo Council Meeting, His Royal Highness Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince as the Royal Patron of the Brunei Heart of Borneo graced the meeting and listened to the briefings on the works of the Heart of Borneo.

Before the meeting, he was presented with a book entitled "Brunei Heart of Borneo: Its Journey". The book was published by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources with help from Brunei Shell and the Forestry Department.

The book contained the history of the Heart of Borneo and everything you ever need to know about the HoB including its strategies, its challenges and where it wants to go.  It also contained a list of endemic plants of Brunei. These plants are only available in Brunei Darussalam and cannot be found or not much can be found elsewhere. It shows how unique Brunei can be.

I am not sure whether the book is for sale. However it does inside the covers that if you want copies of the book, the person to write to is the Chief Executive Officer of the Brunei Heart of Borneo, c/o Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.


Eddy Soew said…
Brunei The Green Heart of Borneo
"Brunei Darussalam The Heart of Borneo"

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