Last year, same opponent, same venue, same cup, same final. MOD lost. It was a sad day.

Last night, MOD won. It was a happy day.

Congratulations to the Ministry of Development Football Team for winning against the Ministry of Home Affairs. To be honest, I was not raising my expectation very high. If MOD had lost, I was already expecting it. But with MOD winning, the jubilation was much higher!

For those who did not watch the game, it was 0-0 at half time. Just after the second half, MOD took the lead but almost immediately MOHA equalised. MOHA had one chance to open up the lead but they messed up the penalty kick. Towards the end, it was MOD's turn to mess up the penalty. So it was 1-1 and remained 1-1 after extra time. During penalties, MOD missed one and saved one, making it 4-4 on penalties. Then it was 5-5 but on the seventh kick, MOD scored 6-5. The last MOHA player decided to play rugby and kicked the ball into the stratosphere. Eruption time for MOD spectators!

Congratulations to the MOD team for winning the Keputeraan Cup 2011.


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