CSPS Wants You!

The Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) is currently undertaking a research study to understand employment issues among university graduates. The study focuses on three groups of graduates – (i) employed; (ii) unemployed; and (iii) under-employed (i.e. those currently working but feel that their jobs are unsuitable).

CSPS encourages all university graduates, from local and overseas, Bachelor’s degree to PhD level, to fill in an online survey, which can be accessed via CSPS’ website, www.csps.org.bn, or CSPS’ Facebook page, www.facebook.com/csps.brunei

The survey will only take ten minutes to complete. Participate now and make a difference for your own future!


Gembo said…
Thanks. Did my part & hope others will be able to help CSPS with their research.

Anonymous said…
Done! I hope the result /outcome will be published for public to see. The info will also be useful for interested
parties to do further research (JPA should be one of them).
Good luck.

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