Old Brunei Hostel in Singapore Revisited

I was pleasantly surprised when someone commented on my old 2008 post about the old Brunei hostel in Singapore. He thanked me for sharing the history of this place, a home to many of us who had been students in Singapore, a home where we grew up in and literally became adults. I spent almost 7 years of my life here and by the time I went to UK to continue my degree, I was more than ready to face life in UK.

This photographer, a Canadian, somehow managed to get into the grounds of the now abandoned hostel and took many photographs of the place. When I saw the photos on his facebook site, it was very painful. I remembered the place in the 1980s and yet looking so abandoned, it was so sad. I could almost imagine myself in one of those rooms, having dinner and attending tuition classes. Click on the old post and then go to the comments. You will get the link to see the rest of the photographs. This photographer is a great photographer.

Recently a number of alumni visited Singapore. Unfortunately I could not be with them. They managed to visit the grave of our former hostel supervisor, someone who looked after us night and day. Took us to the clinic, make sure we are fed and healthy. I guess you don't really appreciate someone until he is no longer with you. Thank you Tuan Haji Said Mubarak Khadaied for all those years looking after us.

For those curious to know which of the current Deputy Ministers, PS and DPS still in the government who were in Singapore all those years ago, I thought I will share the list:-

Dato Kifrawi, Chief Justice
Dato Bahrin Abdullah, DM MOF
Pg Haji Bahrom, DM MORA
Haji Mohd Abdoh, PS PMO
Haji Mohd Roselan, PS MOF
Dato Haji Shofry, PS MOFAT
Haji Maaruf, PS MOE
Dr Junaidi, PS MOE
Haji Mohd Rozan, PS MOD
Haji Abd Aziz, PS MORA
Dato Hamid Jaafar, PS MCYS
Noorjusmin, DPS PMO
Haji Amer Hamzah, DPS PMO
Haji Nazmi, DPS MOFAT
Haji Ismail, DPS MCYS
Haji Md Zain, DPS MOD
Eddie, DPS MOD
Haji Harun, DPS MORA


Anonymous said…
Wow! so many Perm Secs from there. Is it one of the requirements to be a perm sec? to live and study abroad? or is it the training to be independent that makes one's performance better than others?
Anonymous said…
it is sad looking at the state of the hostel now. Can the Brunei Government do something about it? doesnt the land belong to us? I spent a good 4 years 1/2 there and looking at that pic does bring fond memories.

frm: last batch
I hope the government can do something about this old building before it became a place for criminals and squatters. It would be great if it can be renovated back to what it was before.

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