Brunei's Ongs

Last Friday, I was waiting in the car waiting for my better half who was out shopping for some groceries. I heard an interesting interview with Dato Chef Wan, the famous Malaysian chef who was in Brunei last week. One of the things that struck me was he noticed that many places in Brunei have 'tong' at the end of the names. I think he was referring to Jerudong, Gadong, Tutong or Kiarong, these are more or less the famous places in Brunei that one can go to. I was thinking that Chef Wan is correct. There is a lot more and I sent out an sms to fellow colleagues and friends and I compiled the list as follows.

Nama-Nama Tempat di Brunei hujungnya ‘-ong’

1. Gadong
2. Tutong
3. Jerudong
4. Temburong
5. Sengkurong
6. Bengkurong
7. Kiarong
8. Mumong
9. Layong
10. Pengkalan Dong
11. Batong
12. Serawong (Bukit)
13. Bukit Nibong (Kampong)
14. Belalong
15. Baong
16. Ukong
17. Basong (Sungai)
18. Riong
19. Selirong
20. Belayong
21. Maraburong
22. Penanjong
23. Pelumpong
24. Bakong
25. Perakong
26. Tilong (Sungai)
27. Ujong Tanjong
28. Pelumpong
29. Panchong
30. Bangsingong

See if you can add more...


Anonymous said…
They all rhyme with 'Kampong'?
Anonymous said…
hahaha, my surname is also ONG.
Novelty said…
How about:

Tamoi Ujong
Saba Ujong
both of which are in Kg. Ayer.

Kg. Perumpong
Kg. Bukit Serawong
Kg. Pengkalan Siong
Kg. Biadong
in the Belait district

Kg. Bandong
Kg. Biong
in the Tutong district
Muhamad Najib said…
is ong sumping included?
PgFphmn said…
Istana Bandong, di Brunei Muara.

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