MOP-22 Report

Our Twenty-second Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in short, MOP-22 convened for its second day in Bangkok, Thailand,yesterday.

In the morning, delegates considered the special situation of Haiti and compliance and reporting issues. The co-chairs also led delegates through a review of the agenda and decisions to be forwarded to the high-level segment.

Plenary was adjourned mid-morning to allow contact groups on QPS, ODS destruction, the ToR for the evaluation of the financial mechanism, as well as the Budget Committee to convene throughout the day.

Our plenary reconvened at 7 pm in the evening and heard updates from contact and informal groups and we ended around 9 pm. It was a tiring day. None of the contact groups which met in the afternoon did not complete their work. And we only have today for the final day of the preparatory segment. Tomorrow is the start of the high level segment.


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