Computer Down

Apologies to regular visitors. My PC is currently unable to be connected to the espeed. I have called up TELBRU people, someone came over twice and said that the connection is fine but my PC is not connecting. So I am unable to to update from home. Does anyone has a solution or what I can do, other than bring the PC to the shop?


EDBR said…
what is your computer specs sir? how is it connected to the internet? wireless or cable?
It's a normal PC model Acer Aspire Z5610-482X7A. It's connected directly to espeed via cable.
Anonymous said…
Sir, Checklist before proceeding, please bear with me :)

1) On the Espeed modem, does the lights light up ? a) link b) ethernet c) data

a) link - data is transfered between telbru and your modem
b) ethernet - data is transfered between ur pc and telbru

If yes on a and b, there is nothing wrong with the connection.
EDBR said…
Next r u using windows vista or xp?
EDBR said…
Better yet, there are tutorials on youtube such as

If you cant find any, please holler and I'll walk u thru the steps.
Anonymous said…
Bos, try downloading free winsock fix for your operating system. Just google somewhere in a pendrive, and run it on ur connection problem system. Hope it'll cure the corrupted winsock, well sounds like one.
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