Windows 7 and TelBru's Zoom Modem

Regular readers would know that I lost the use of my desktop machine in December. My HP computer broke down for the second time. This time after a major thunderstorm. The motherboard fried up despite the presence of a power surge and HP agents here in Brunei asked me to cough up about $500 for a new motherboard. I did pay $30 for the diagnosis but not the $500 a suggestion which I thought I could shove up to you know where. To be fair HP did replace the first motherboard as it was under warranty but not the second. Though it is funny that HP keep having fried motherboards.

And for the last four or five months, I have been doing my work on this tiny little VAIO, a very nice light computer but try doing your article and other long pieces of work, your eyes slowly will become like that animal on Madagascar with huge eyes - trying to get every single light into your eyes. That VAIO with the Windows Vista was certainly a testing computer, crashing every day and sometimes more than a few times a day. Whoever invented VAIO and Windows Vista ought to be h***** and quartered to say the least.

I do have an official 17 inch MacBook in the office but other than answering the emails and some drafts, I hardly had time for it and I certainly don't want to abuse it by bringing it home.

Anyway, last Monday, I finally got myself a replacement. I got my $2,500 ready which is what the HP cost me three years ago and found myself with not just one computer but I managed to get TWO!

This is one of them at about $1,500.00!

This is the other at about $1,050.00!

The former has a 23 inch LCD touch screen. Everything built into the LCD, so I save on space. No CPU box to worry about. The latter not as big but with a touch screen and rotatable screen. I am now editing my THIRD book which I have no problem with the 23 inch screen.

The only problem I have is that TelBru eSpeed zoom modem refused to work with the Windows 7 on the new laptop. The modem goes flat. I asked my TelBru's brother in law to check it out and he told me today that I need a new modem and TelBru is selling one to me for $100! TelBru's modem is apparently out of date. The amount is very little but the I was like thinking should I be the paying for this? What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Which modem are you using? I had the oldest modem (3.5G lettering printed on the top in orange on a white casing) and managed to get it working on Windows 7 64 bit. Had to disable driver signing but it did work. But if you do intend to buy a modem, I suggest you buy on at a computer shop, not from Telbru because Telbru modems are all locked to bmobile and can't be used with any other SIM card. QQeStore selling one on offer for $128, slightly more expensive but good if you plan to use elsewhere or sell later on
Anonymous said…
You shouldnt be buying another one from Telbru. In fact Telbru should and must have some sort of 'Service Level responsibilities' although they wont entertain the idea of us their customers asking for SLAs from a service provider like them!! But then who are we in their eyes as they are still operating like a government department (almost!)
2G said…
When i upgrade my vista to win7 64bit the modem doesn't work. Call up B-mobile they ask me to downgrade back to my previous version window. then went to telbru counter .... no resoulution made.... the only thing they ask me to do is purchase a new broadband modem? cant they consider to replace the old modem? oh btw they did ask me to go to QQ as QQ was the supplier and should be responsible for the modems.... who are to blame here??

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