Royal Brunei Airlines Previous Aeroplanes

I recently purchased two postcards showing these two RBA aeroplanes. The first is a Boeing 727 and the latter is the Fokker 100, I think.

I have not boned up on the history of RBA aeroplanes, though it would be very fascinating to go through the various aeroplanes that RBA had from day one of its operation up to now. I know the previous Boeing 757s and present Boeing 767s and the leased Airbus A319 and A320 which they now used extensively. But anything prior to that, I am a bit sketchy on its history.

I know many out there know the history of these planes, so do drop me a note.


View from NY said…
Dear BR,
As a child back in the 70s, I was a plane buff. I remember RBA started with 2 early generation 737s. In the early years, RBA flew only limited routes: Singapore, Kuching, KK, Manila, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Kuala Lumpur was added much later. There were so few flights that many people could memorise the weekly flight schudule!

Later, a third aircraft, a 737-Combi was added; "Combi" in that it has a cargo door and carries both passenger and cargo. That was in part prompted by the start of flights to Darwin and presumably the cargo carrying capacity was meant to serve demands from Brunei's cattle farm in Northern Territory.

In the early 80s, RBA operated one or two turbo-prop "Short" aircrafts flying to Miri and Labuan. Those routes were eventually discountinued after a few short months due to lack of demand.

If I was not mistaken, the 727 were only used for a very short while for VIPs. The Fokkers were flown for a very short years on regional routes that did not justify a Boeing 757 or Boeing 767.

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