National Housing - New House Designs

In the first few days of my new job, I was taken to visit the Rimba Housing Area and the Telisai Housing Area to see the the progress of the housing development. I saw these interesting coloured houses and I thought it was one of those built it yourself house which many of you have seen by the Tungku Highway. I was quite surprised when the Housing Development officers told me that this is the new housing design.

I have to admit that I was quite impressed with the new design of the houses. Gone are the old style and in come the more up to market design complete with the more coordinated colours. I forgot to take my camera during those visits but during the Hari Mesra Pelanggan at the Ministry, the models of the houses were shown. So I thought I will showcase them here for you all to enjoy.

The one above is the standard model. The only difference between the two is the balcony and there is no attached bathroom for the master bedroom. Prices will be around $65k for the standard and around $70k for the deluxe.

There are several other designs for other housing areas. So the new development phases will show interesting houses. However what's important for those who will be staying in these new houses, is that the prices that is paid for these houses barely covers the construction cost of the house; the government still provides all other infrastructures, the roads, sewerage, lighting, electricity and water and most importantly the land is given free at no cost. Many people around the world will give an arm and a leg to enjoy these. Master Yoda would say "Appreciate we must."


baz said…
hey, for those designs, do we many sq ft? and also how many acres? is it 0.15?

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