Ignored Old Brunei Boats

Those who know me know that I have a penchant for stamps and currency notes. I do collect other things - aircraft models, coins etc. But stamps and currency notes are my favourite, hence my other blogsite here.

I was going through some magazines last night and I found a photograph of this old Brunei boats. These boats were used by our very own Brunei fishermen at the turn of the last century. They may even be used for much longer than that. These boats are dependent on their sails and are quite distinctive looking with their squarish or triangulaish sail. Remember, no machinery in those days.

Unfortunately illustrations of these boats are quite difficult to find or even impossible. I don't remember any paintings or/and drawings by Bruneians which illustrated these boats. It's as if we had ignored their existence and the important role they played in the Brunei economy. The one and only time I know these boats were depicted in anything was in this first issue of Brunei stamps of 1895.

These are $1 stamps issued in 1895. One has a postmark of August 1896.

If I could ask or beg, if there are artists out there, drawing old Brunei scenes, can we have drawings of these boats and not of the padians?


Anonymous said…
I just realised that back in those days, $1 stamp is quite expensive isnt it?
Anonymous said…
Why not the padian? Padian is a symbol of early women entreprenuership in Brunei. Padian ke mana kita?... Bekayuh keliling kampong...Bekubang langui langui...Padian ke mana kita? Sadly, they have gone; forever.

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