Unusual Brunei Transportations

Today I thought I will share some very old photographs of unusual transportation in Brunei which for some reason did not catch on until today. If they were still around, it would be fun to see them.

Both of these were operated by Brunei Shell about 40 to 50 years ago. The first is more common in other countries. But unfortunately in Brunei, there were used in only two places - one was in Brooketon (Muara) to haul coals from the Serai Pimping area to Muara beach - the other was from Badas in Belait heading towards the Lumut Beach if I am not mistaken. I am talking about trains.

The one in Brooketon has a history on the engines published on a train specialties website but I can't find it at the moment, so when I do, there will be a slight correction on this entry. The engine in Badas, again if I am not mistaken actually is somewhere in Seria. I remembered in 1988 when I was visiting Shell, we actually took a photograph in front of the engine. If there is any BSPians reading this, do let me know where it is. Better still, a photograph would be nice.

The second mode of transport is rather unusual. In the earlier days, the oil rig was a lot closer to the beach as compared to the current oil rigs which goes out a few miles into the sea. So instead of using boats or anything, Brunei Shell actually strung a cable car from the beach to the oil rigs. I found several photographs of these cable cars and their stations. I was told that after they stopped using the cable cars, BSP used hovercrafts. I would love to get my hands on those hovercrafts photos if anybody has them.


Anonymous said…
Mr BR, this is the best post i've ever read from you (I mean they are all good!). It's amazing to find out we ever had cable cars running in Brunei! I look forward to seeing them hanging over Brunei River one day; well, if I'm still around by then.
Anonymous said…
i think i saw the train outside the Sungau Mau Community Hall It still looks good.
Anonymous said…
Did you know that the hovercraft used by Brunei Shell in 1965 was the Winchester Class SR.N6 Mk 1 built by the British Hovercraft Corporation. This type of hovercraft has served in the Armed Forces of Great Britain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In the civil field, it is widely used as fast ferries for passengers and vehicles.
Anonymous said…
For more about the Hovercraft used by BSP, go to http://www.btinternet.com/~mark.e.porter/history/014.html
thrumyeyes said…
The train that used to be in front of the BSP Public Affairs office is now exhibited in One Billionth Barrel Monument. I've poste it's photo at http://c180k.multiply.com/photos/photo/62/107
Judy said…
BSP have photos of the hovercraft in their archives. Some of them have been framed and are hanging in Anduki Aerodrome.

Apologies for my comment being about 4.5 years out of date.

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