Old Main Roads of Brunei

For today, not much words are necessary. I thought I will post photographs of the beginning of the various main roads in the main city and towns of Brunei. The first one is obviously Jalan Sultan in the capital. I am not sure what year this is but the Customs Building at the end of the road has been built. Though all the shophouses remain intact as compared to the shophouses of today.

This is Jalan Pretty in Kuala Belait. I am not sure what year this was and judging by the lack of cars, this must have been pretty early in the 1950s when the shophouses have just been completed.

This is Seria as it is being constructed. I have been told that this view is taken from where the Marina Theatre is.


Anonymous said…
there is a picture of jalan pretty with body shop at http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/tt/5df5d/#TL

how pretty!!
Jewelle said…
Wow, I'm showing my father in law these pictures, he'd love it! Thanks!

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