Glimpses of Authority

Once in a while, I run out of ideas of what to write. Not that there is nothing to write about - there are just too many things about Brunei that no blogs in the world can cover it. So for today I thought I will share with you the views from my office. I took the title of the posting from the links of a recently started blog about the Maktab Sains Class of 1979 which labelled The Daily BR - Glimpses of Authority.

This view is from the 17th floor of the tallest building in Brunei. The position that I am in overlooks the Bandar and Gadong areas. Since there are four of us on that floor, each one of us get a different segment to look at. One of my senior colleague gets a view of the Berakas area, the other gets a view of the Delima area and my other colleague gets a view of the Jalan Kebangsaan area. So I guess I am pretty lucky.

Part of the view is what you can see in the background are the new Legislative Council building on the way to being completed as well as the Immigration/Labour Building, Royal Customs and Excise building, the National Archives Building, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and part of the Bahirah Building housing Audit, Petroleum Unit and Management Services Department.

In the foreground is the new recreation park currently being worked on. The park is a project of the Environment, Parks and Recreation Department. The park will be on one of the original landfill area. I was told that the area is not stable enough yet to build anything on but it is okay for a park. Most people have forgotten that the road running across the whole area now named Jalan Menteri Besar used to be known as jalan sampah not 20 years ago.

If you were to look further, you can make out the Istana Nurul Iman, the Hassanil Bolkiah mosque and the various building in Gadong. You can see more of the Gadong area in the second photograph including part of the sea.

There is a third segment which shows part of the airport and the DST Tower.

Unfortunately I am using only my handphone Nokia N70 to take the photographs, so the photos are far from perfect and do not actually show the grandeur of Brunei seen with your own eyes. To give fair justice to the scenery, maybe one of these days, I ought to bring our many photobloggers up here. Imagine what scenes they can shoot from this high up.


thrumyeyes said…
Mr BR, I'm always free on most Saturdays. Just give me a shout and I would love to take photos from your office. It look so good even on your handphone camera. Maybe you can organise a photobloggers meeting (read "outing") in your office.
anakbrunei said…
I second the motion! Can we also take pictures from the roof top? Pretty please with icing on top?? Hee hee
let me work something out. will contact your emails later.
Bruneian said…
Yes please. I am free anytime of the day :)

Roof top would be very nice with 100-400mm .. hehe

Please include me .. pretty pleaseeeeee ..

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