Ulu-Ulu Resort

The last three days have been interesting for our Strategic Planning, Public Speaking and Team Building session at the Ulu-Ulu Resort in Temburong. I was going to write about it with lots and lots of photographs but unfortunately my camera did not make the trip back. I have no idea where it is. So if there is anyone out there who saw my Olympus, please let me know. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Ulu-Ulu Resort, please go to Ulu-Ulu Resort at this website.

If you do want to go there, make sure that you love water, plenty of water as a lot of what you will see is lots and lots of water and rapids, the temuai ride and lots of sweat as if your sweat glands are on steroids. It is very very humid out there.

Other than the actual public speaking session on Friday night and the strategic planning session whole of Saturday, I did not do any of the activities at the resort as they are just way too strenuous for me - I can't climb to the tree tops to do the canopy walk or trek miles to see the Sungai Apan waterfalls. So I spent my Sunday morning editing my second book holed up in my room. For those who are interested in my first book, the book is entitled The Golden Warisan, it is already at the printers. It will hopefully be ready by next week to make its debut. Can't wait for it too.


Effa said…
Hi Mr BR,
Il sure will buy ur book. ;)

Ur Daily reader.
sinjun said…
me too. diehard fan x ahh.
btw, wher will it be available nanti mr BR? plus do tell us the release date of ur book in advance cos i dun wanna miss it! :)

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