I have always watched Yasmin Ahmad's short clips for Petronas especially during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. She has a unique talent in turning 3 minutes into something really meaningful. Yesterday I read about her doing a clip for Singapore's Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports about the family. I had to see it for myself. In fact I found two videos. The first one is about a story between a daughter and her father. The other is about the love of a wife, interestingly enough the setting was a funeral. The second one is very moving. I hope these videos can remind us of our own families, the love of our families going through the good and bad times.

Just in case you can't see the video, you can watch it yourself directly on youtube. The link is here.


There was a line or two in Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie that sounded like this:

Friends will not be there when you are ill in the middle of the night. Nor will they sleep over while you are being hospitalised.

Something like that lah.
Anonymous said…
These are very touching. Yasmin Ahmad had a gift. Thank you for sharing.

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