Buku Adat Istiadat

Yesterday was the launch of this book by HRH The Crown Prince. This book has been in the making since 1958 reading the write up in the program book yesterday. I wanted to show the contents of the book but unfortunately I don't have the time to show them.

Basically the book is full of things that you may want to know all there is about the Adat Istiadat of Brunei including where you should be sitting, what flag you should be waving etc. It is a massive document just by looking at it but the wealth of information inside it is immense. I am not sure where the books will be sold but for yesterday and today, the book is available at the ICC for a cost of $40 each. You get a nice bag as well as a VCD when you get the book.

You also get the chance to be in a lucky draw. For every single book that you buy, you can get a ticket. The lucky draw prize I have been told is an umrah ticket. Most of us filled in the lucky draw ticket yesterday including my colleagues here.

At the same time, if you drop in to the ICC today, you can see for yourself a mini exhibition about the Adat Istiadat of Brunei. Most of these exhibits, you can actually see them at the Royal Regalia Building but the ones being exhibited here are up to date.

And you can also see videos as well. The ones I saw yesterday was the Royal Wedding of the Crown Prince of 2004 and also the Coronation of His Majesty in 1968.


rakhaa said…
Dear Editor, I have several antique items to sell to Sultan of Brunei, including keris and delima.

Haw can I get access to sell them.

The keris have several unique powers, its important that the purchaser is a good person.



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