Anthropophagous Thoughts

I was at Borders last night and managed to get a couple of books. One very interesting one which I read through last night was this book about hard words. Words have always interested me and the other day when my minister asked whether he should buy the full blown Oxford English dictionary, I said he should. The full blown Oxford English dictionary comes in 20 volumes and each volume is about four inches thick. That my dear, is a lot of words. There are only a handful of people I in Brunei who have the 20 volume dictionary. This dictionary cost some US$800. I am not confabulating this story. You see, knowing words will make one belles-lettres.

What I like about our neighbouring country, other than being able to eat Big Macs in the middle of the night, is the bookshop especially Borders. I was there with my colleague and he was busy buying books for his daughter. I was busy with history books. I am very frustrated and it is quite discombobulating without having access to very good bookshops in our own country.

Unfortunately I will miss the rice planting function at Wasan. I did visit the place and the Imang Dam which provided the water on Saturday. I am sure that we can do that rice planting thing. I have seen the mathematics. Now is the time to translate it into action. There are the sceptics who consider this as floccinaucinihipilification but I don't think so. This is the most important thing we can do.

I leave you with those words. I have to go down to the dining room to have my breakfast. I am so hungry that it's giving me anthropophagous thoughts. And my apologies for being too sesquipedalian.


Ujieka said…
i like this post.
yes. language is important and learning words are satisfying.
i dont know 2 of the words you wrote.. time for me to check the dictionary. eheh

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