Ambassador to Brunei

Last week Dilbert had a short series about the 'temp'. In today's corporate America where there are lots of unemployment, many people find jobs by 'temping' which is to work for companies temporarily while hoping to find full time employment.

Scott Adams, the founder of Dilbert, last week had a short series of these 'temps'. Dilbert's boss' secretary went away for a short holiday and the temps came in. The first cartoon about the temps was this particular one about a former Ambassador to Brunei. I know Adams wanted to emphasise the point about the temp being overly qualified by being an Ambassador but I am quite surprised to see Brunei being mentioned. He normally used a county called Albonia or something similar.

I remembered my time in USA. The travel agents I spoke to either did not know Brunei at all or if they knew it, they had no idea where it is. In the end I chose a travel agent which had an Asian staff as she was about the only one who knew where Brunei was. So I am presuming that Scott Adams knew not a lot of Americans would be even aware that Brunei was a country when he drew this cartoon.

Anyway, you can comment on this particular cartoon via this link here. There is already someone in Brunei making his comments there.


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