On Friday

This is one of the hardest entry to type. Its not a sad entry or anything like that. I am doing this from the comfortable by the sea yacht club, my cousin's son is having his birthday here. But I am using my tiny handphone. I am a trained typist and being forced to use two thumbs really slows me down. A tweeter would be better. Where is the return key? Cant even do a new paragraph!

Found the return key. Today was hectic. When I sent my son to school this morning, my car stalled at a junction. We found a kitten jumping out and another one snapping the two beltings in the engine after the car was towed. What is it about cars and cats?

I remembered when I was learning to drive, we were advised to check the car before driving off. I guess not many do it. In my case, the cats were not even ours. I didnt even know there were kittens at the house. But I guess thats no excuse.


hali said…
I totally agree with you... Cats and Cars, or maybe cars have a distinct smell that cats like to ponder on... My experience is I think a regular one, its that everytime my car is so clean, and the next morning I saw cat paws on the bonnet and on the roof of my poor baby...

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