The 'lost' camera

They found my camera! I got an SMS yesterday and hopefully when someone comes up from Ulu-Ulu sometime today, the camera will come along as well. The strange thing was that the camera was found at a place where I never did go on Sunday. So either someone found it and brought it there or it 'moved' by itself or 'assisted' by someone or something, that's what some of my officers were telling me yesterday. Me? I have had my fair share of the supernatural. I wrote about my experience two years ago which you can still read here.

The question is - is there something there? I personally believe that there is another dimension which we humans cannot see. But there are times when they cross over. Going deep into the jungle such as Ulu-Ulu probably increases the chances of 'crossing over' activities. Let me tell you a couple of stories which we accumulated over our stay and I leave it up to you to believe or not to believe. I cannot vouch for the truth other than it does make interesting reading. Anyway I have no intention of scaring you of going to Ulu-Ulu, so don't read further if you don't want to. You have been warned.

On the first night, one of our fairer officers told us that she had to move her bed closer to her room mate. She said that her bed was shaken in the middle of the night. Another reported that she felt very cold air on her feet. But other than these two, I did not hear anyone else felt anything or seen anything. There was a whole bunch of people going out at night for a night nature trail and they experienced nothing out of the ordinary.

Our DPS told us a story about a couple of Imams who were invited to 'remove' something. They reported that the 'people' talked to them and assured them that they will not and do not 'disturb' humans who came over to stay. But they said that their children are sometimes playful and they might occasionally play pranks on the humans.

One interesting story I heard was from my boss who went there when he was still a senior officer. He went there with his minister. He was out swimming in the river and did not realise something happened to his minister. Apparently his minister were having tea with some of his officers and all of a sudden the whole place went quiet. You know how it is, you have this conversation and then everybody went quiet all of a sudden and people say ada malaikat melintas or something. Anyway, there was an Ustaz with the group and he was definitely staring at something. Suddenly everyone started talking again. According to that ustaz, someone extremely tall came over to where they were sitting and then he went away.

Not that scary. Believe whatever you want. I hope you enjoyed the stories.


Ali Janah said…
Haha, it does make for an interesting read but there is no such thing as .....errr...i better not say it outloud as not to offend anybody else who does. Anyway, good read nonetheless.

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