HM Sultan Brunei: Uplift Law Enforcement To Face New World Challenges


Uplift law enforcement to face new-world challenges
on: February 19, 2017

| Azaraimy HH |

THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) needs to uplift law enforcement efforts as it faces constant challenges brought about by globalisation and a borderless world.

This was stated in a titah delivered by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, and Inspector General of the RBPF during the 96th Police Day Parade held at the Parade Square of the RBPF Headquarters yesterday.

His Majesty also emphasised the need for high integrity among the police force and urged them to increase their capacity and level of expertise in combating crimes, keeping up with the excellent police forces in the world.

In the titah, His Majesty expressed gratitude to Allah the Almighty for the success of the RBPF in celebrating the 96th anniversary of its establishment, and said that at 96, the RBPF has matured enough to face any challenges.

“Certainly, the RBPF is constantly facing challenges, especially brought by the waves of globalisation and a world without borders. This is why, it is necessary for the RBPF to uplift its efforts in the enforcement of law,” the monarch said.

The role of the RBPF is vast and the force stands for the stability, peace and security of the country.

Therefore, the RBPF must enhance its organisation, besides actively undergoing changes that are deemed necessary, His Majesty urged.

“These changes must be also towards enriching the minds and strengthening the ethical foundation of police personnel as law enforcers,” the monarch said, adding that “we shall not forget to strengthen our services with discipline, integrity, sincerity and quality, in order to effectively fighting the challenges that are regularly being faced”.

Integrity and ethics are always needed as they are closely related to policing work and are pre-requisites for police service, His Majesty noted.

“It is important as a guarantee that the services delivered to stakeholders or the society are excellent…It is time for police ethics to be integrated into the administration of the force.

“With this in place, I believe that the weak, insincere, less trustworthy and other negative elements that can harm the organisation of the police force can be deterred,” the monarch added.

His Majesty urged that the police force must have clear work ethic to ensure that they work hard and carry out their works intelligently and sincerely, not hoping to profit from the duties they perform.

“A person who has a healthy work ethic will carry out his duties without differentiating people based their social status or race, and will show respect to others.

“If ethics in police service is strong, the police force will become stronger, and they will enjoy a strong trust from the society which will help them establish a strong bond with the public. This will naturally become a catalyst towards solidarity and harmony in the society.”

To help policing in the country, His Majesty said public commitment is certainly needed.

“But, this does not mean that police personnel only know how to wait or to be too reliant on public cooperation, because if this happens, then this will certainly make the police force weak, and we do not want a weak police force.

“If the police force is weak, doors to crime will become harder to close, and if those doors are not closed, crimes will easily increase and the country may not be able to prevent as its security mechanism is weak.”

Therefore, His Majesty urged the police force to master the techniques, especially of crime prevention and investigation. It is not just enough to record the crime cases, but it is important to closing them as well, the monarch added.

“Naturally, crime is a complex phenomenon. It must be eliminated, and there is no compromise in it.

“Crime is a threat not only to an individual, but also to the country as a whole, thus the RBPF must increase its capacity and capability to the same level of excellent police forces in the world,” His Majesty urged.

In closing the titah, the monarch reminded the RBPF not to remain at the existing level but to continuously seek ways to change and improve to a much better level.


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