Brunei Unemployed Proactive in Finding Job

I read this interesting comment on Brunei Times facebook site which was referring to a speech I made yesterday. Our Ministry focused on the community welfare launched a program where we invited those who are receiving welfare assistance, unemployed youths etc so that we can motivate them, let them know where job assistance etc can be obtained, or where they can find assistance if they want to start up business etc. The focus was very much on if you have a skill, you can be employable. My speech (very much truncated) as reported appears below the comment by this person:-


"Ngalih saja dilantik menjadi SUT!!...perkara macam ani pun nda terfikir. Kursus sana sini. Seminar bukan main. Kelulusan macam-macam. Tapi menyelasaikan isu perkerjaan, langsung nada. Mati-mati mengharapkan pihak swasta untuk menyediakan pekerjaan. Cuba tah fikir sedikit, apakah pihak swasta mampu menyediakan pekerjaan kepada semua orang jika nada untung diperolehi?! Tuhur hantap...Jangan luan diisi parut atu, cuba buka minda atu sedikit. Alum lagi negara tani ani muflis jika negara menjamin pekerjaan kepada setiap rakyat dan penduduk. Takahi tah cakap ani....setiap hari jenayah berlaku dalam negara, napa nda ambil polis banyak-banyak? Pantai tani selalu bersampah, napa nda gajihi orang membersihkannya? Kelas sekolah panuh dengan anak-anak sekolah, napa nda mengambil guru? Sungai tani kamah, napa pulang Indon atau Bangla digajihi? Setiap kampong nada bomba, napa nda ditambah bomba atu?....iatah tani ani nda mahu memajukan bangsa sendiri..."


Unemployed Urged To Be Proactive in Finding Jobs

Bandar Seri Begawan, 23rd June 2013 - THE unemployed should be proactive finding a job and not just rely on the government to come to their assistance, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports said yesterday.

Speaking during the launch of the Career and Entrepreneurship Programme, Hj Md Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Md Yunos said: "There are 2,040 registered job seekers in this country, while another 4,144 are receiving benefits from the Community Development Department (JAPEM)." The permanent secretary said the Sultanate is faced with the challenge of tackling the growing number of welfare recipients — particularly unemployed youth — in the country.

The government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam has come up with comprehensive plans to tackle the issue of unemployment in a bid to reduce the burden on the state. Among these strategies is the zakat adopted by the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEBD), Brunei Shell Petroleum, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

"Each of these establishments is trying to overcome unemployment through various projects that provide jobs for the locals," the permanent secretary said.

"All these (efforts) are meant to fulfil the Vision 2035, which seeks to create a well-educated population and a skilled workforce and a high standard of living." However, he reminded the attendees that despite efforts made by the government to reduce unemployment, there needs to be a change of mindset at the individual level. "Employment programmes provided by the authority can only do so much. It is up to the individual to change and work hard to achieve a better life," he said, adding that the unemployed should actively look for suitable work and ensure that their skills meet the needs of the workplace.

Hj Md Rozan quoted a hadith as narrated by Al-Bukhari about being proactive and showing initiative. "Indeed, among you is a person who takes the ropes and goes uphill to obtain firewood, then he carries (the firewood) at the side of his waist to be sold in which the profit is enough to cover for his daily expenses. (That) is better than begging from others whether or not they give (what you are begging for)".

The hadith in itself encourages Muslims and people in general show initiative and to try to resolve their own problems rather than seek help from others.

Hj Md Rozan also recited excerpts from Surah At-Talaq (The Divorce) Verse 2 and 3. "And whosoever is pious to Allah, indeed He will provide a way out (of every difficulty and hardship). And (Allah) will provide him with sustenance from directions (sources) ... least expected."

The Career and Entrepreneurship Programme was conducted by the Department of Community Development the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports' Digadong Hall.

The programme is specifically designed to help job seekers educated to higher education level.

It comprised motivational talks from the Youth Development Centre and the Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK).

There were also lectures given by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

Over one hundred people from various walks of life turned up for the programme, which carried the theme "My Career, My Future".

-- Courtesy of The Brunei Times --



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