We Are Human Just Like You

Attending an international meeting here in Incheon on disabled persons and listening to all the difficulties and speeches given by disabled persons, I was inspired. One sight impaired speaker said, 'I cannot see but I have a clear vision.' Suddenly I too have a clear vision about a poem which I dedicate to all the disabled persons out there. I have started a number of poems but I have never completed them. This is my first full completed poem and I am glad that it is on a worthwhile subject:

By Rozan Yunos, Incheon 29 October 2012

We cannot see but we can perceive
We cannot hear but we can understand
We cannot walk but we can move
We cannot touch but we can feel

We need aid not sympathies
We need rights not handouts
We need understanding not pities
We need compassion not sorries
We are capable not incapable
We are competent not incompetent
We are disabled not unable
We are human just like you


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