Marine Biodiversity Centre at Meragang Beach

I was away for the whole week of 11th to 17th June to attend a meeting in Danang, Vietnam and during that week, I missed the opening of the Marine Biodiversity Centre which was officially opened by the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources. So on the 18th which was a public holiday, I went there with my wife and my son.

We were suitably impressed. The centre is not that big but it contained enough details that would take the average reader quite a while to read. Inside the buildings there were a couple of small aquariums filled with lobsters, shrimps, groupers (ikan kerapu) and white fish. There was a lone white fish when we were there. The officers on duty told us that they had to fish the white fish out as the groupers (much larger) tend to be territorial and was attacking the white fish.

The centre had many displays including scientific instruments which my son had the chance to use to see for himself the cellular structure of the corals. They had displays of corals. I did tell them that some sort of sign ought to be put out that other than those on displays, people should not start to collect them and display them privately as that would destroy the corals.

Outside the building, there were also baby turtles which you can touch and handle. Visitors were not allowed to handle the smallest ones as their shells were still soft but the older ones were okay.

All in all it was a worthwhile visit. So, do come to Meragang Beach to visit the Marine Biodiversity Centre. Just drive along the Muara Tutong Highway towards Muara and just before you reach the end of the Highway, you will see the sign Meragang Beach and just drive in that road to the end.


Anonymous said…

great to get some useful information here - i plan to take my daughter along this week - do you know if they are open all day and every day of the week? thanks Simon Brown, ISB teacher.

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