Ketupat Basing at the Empire

This was sold by a village in Tutong. For those wondering what this is, this is ketupat made in the shape of a squirrel or tupai in standard Malay or basing in Brunei Malay. There are a number of sellers selling their village's products currently at Level 4 at the Empire Hotel outside the Indera Kayangan Ballroom. They were invited to do that as a showcase to how they can help transform their lives. The ASEAN Meeting currently taking place inside the ballroom is the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication. Currently the Senior Officials are still meeting. The Ministers will meet tomorrow after the opening ceremony done by the Crown Prince.

I was searching for this ketupat when I did my article on the history of ketupat. I knew this kind of ketupat existed. I wrote this paragraph for my article 

Ketupat is also used as a religious offering for some of the indigenous races. Elderly Dusun people called it "tebuu". However the ketupat is not encased in the traditional square weaved leaves but usually in the shape of an object such as the head of a bird or an animal. These ketupats are not eaten with beef rendang but usually with bananas and eggs.
 For those interested in the whole article, here is the link:

There are many other products sold yesterday but this will end tomorrow. Do drop in and help the villagers.


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