FIFA ban on Brunei lifted

For Bruneians who have been denied watching any of Brunei's football teams playing international football, FINALLY, the good news, FIFA have lifted Brunei's suspension. I have taken the liberty of publishing FIFA's media release below or if you still want to be convinced, you can go to FIFA's website yourself.

I for one am glad that whatever the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports did, it seemed to work. I have to take my hats off to my colleague, Dato Hamid. Thank you so much Dato. Now you have to tell me what is meant by the FIFA Media Release saying "NFABD formerly BAFA"? New football association?

Incidentally we are ranked 196th in the world. In April we were ranked 199th. I don't know how we moved up considering we did not play any international football. We were even awarded 9 points. Maybe the strategy is not to play too much football unless we can win the games!



The FIFA Executive Committee, chaired by President Joseph S. Blatter, decided to lift the suspensions on the football associations of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FFBH) and Brunei Darussalam (NFABD, formerly BAFA) during their meeting held today, 30 May 2011, at the Home of FIFA in Zurich. The committee took these decisions after ascertaining that both national associations had fulfilled the conditions established by the FIFA Emergency Committee and approved statutes in line with the FIFA Statutes.

In the case of Indonesia (PSSI), the Executive Committee decided to give a last chance to the PSSI by granting the normalisation committee an extended deadline of 30 June 2011 to organise elections according to the relevant regulations and previous FIFA decisions, in particular that the four banned persons remain ineligible, and to bring the breakaway league back under the control of the PSSI. The Executive Committee decided that, should the conditions not be met by 30 June 2011, the PSSI would automatically be suspended on 1 July 2011.

The Executive Committee also confirmed that the FIFA Club World Cup 2011 would be held in Japan as scheduled.

Furthermore, outgoing Executive Committee member Geoff Thompson was appointed as chairman of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) for the remainder of the term until September 2013. He had been appointed to this role ad interim in December 2010.

The committee approved the preliminary competition formats and draw procedures for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ which had been presented by the six confederations. It also determined that the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking of July 2011 would be used for the continental draws that will take place at the Preliminary Draw for this competition, with the exception of CONCACAF, who will use the March 2011 rankings, which were the ones used for the first round of the preliminary competition in that region.

In addition, the Executive Committee decided to abolish extra time for the FIFA U-17 World Cups and the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cups with immediate effect, after a proposal was made by the Medical Committee and the FIFA Task Force Football 2014.

Finally, the committee approved the Gender Verification Regulations in order to have more clearly defined and legally binding regulations on this topic. The regulations will apply with immediate effect. More information can be found on



CO5 said…
Iatah..I was also wondering, kenapa ia ada NFABD atu and bukan FFBD...Btw, do you reckon FIFA is being political here...memandangkan FIFA Presidential Election inda lgi lama...U know kan ambil hati orang Brunei...hehehe...

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