Free Reusable Bags

Today, we will be going out to a few supermarkets to give out free reusable bags. If you are interested, the bags will be given out today at:

10:00 am - Hua Ho Supermarket at Hua Ho Mall

10:45 am - Teguh Raya Supermarket at Delima Satu

11:30 am - Supersave at Gadong

2:00 pm - Giant at Kiulap

2:45 pm - Utama Grand at The Mall, Gadong

See you all there. And don't forget to bring your own reusable bags when you go shopping. There is no Planet B.


Jin Yang said…
I think this is a great initiative and it's good to see the major supermarkets cooperating.

However, I'm curious to know whether any study was done to assess the environmental impacts of the reusable bag.

They are surely made up of heavier material and on a one-to-one basis, you would expect them to cause more damage to the environment.

We know that ideally the reusable bags should be reused an infinite number of times. However, in reality that will not be the case. So how many times do we need to reuse a reusable bag to 'break-even' with the normal plastic bag?

Also, there are obviously a large number of different types of reusable bags available out there, which are made of different materials etc.

Therefore, there should be recommendations made on which type of recyclable bags are the most appropriate. This is an important role for regulators because one would expect the industry to base their selection on cost and profits.

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