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The quest for Year 6 text book continues. The other day, I happened to be at Bismi Gadong when a van drove in and dropped boxes of books - all new textbooks. It was interesting to watch the scene. There were quite a number of parents, students there and everyone started to hang around and wait for which books will now magically appear out of these boxes. After about half an hour or so, most of us realised that the Year 6 books which are not yet available will still continue to be unavailable.

Every time I tell this tale, I have been advised by parents and other interested people to go to this other bookshop somewhere else. The thing is, I have been somewhere else. In Brunei, if you cannot find it in one bookshop, you won't find it elsewhere. Trust me. I have been to the other bookshops.

Last night, interestingly enough, I opened my email and pop out this email:-

My name is Taj from I have been informed via my wife of your article of search of SPN Year 6 TextBook/Activity Book from your blogspot. I checked it out and saw your comment on your quering of the Year 6 books from us. Unfortunately, we are not sure via what means do you contact us, is it via our Facebook account "Nolly Brunei" ?

Indeed most Year 6 textbook/activity books are not available in Brunei due to delay in printing in Singapore. It is also affecting Year 3.

Just to share with you, to reduce our customer's visit to bookstore to check on the book availability, we at keeps our customer abreast on its availability when it hit our store directly from our sole distributor (other bookstores go to them as well ) , we will inform them via our Facebook status or email and immediately issue the books via home delivery. Delivery is free!

If you are still desperately searching for your kids' Year 6 and Year 3 textbooks and workbooks, you know where to go. Click on If you have not tried out online book buying before, this is the best time to learn.


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