A New Book?!

Last May when I brought out my book 'The Golden Warisan Volume 1', it was one of the defining achievements of my life. I have often wanted to have a book and to really have one with your name written on it, man.... You can't imagine the satisfaction. Volume 2 came out a couple of months later and I was as proud of it as I was with Volume 1, the satisfaction was not the same.

The reality was whether there is actually a market out there. I printed only 500 books of Volume 1 and when I tried to sell the books through Best Eastern and Bismi bookshops, they only wanted to take 100 books each. I gave away or sold the others at my own special prices. A couple of months later, the two shops came back and asked for more. By then I only had a few copies left and I decided to do a second print of 500 copies. Up to now, I wonder about the sale. However the other day, Best Eastern asked for more copies. I looked through my house and discovered that I only had copies left. I am thinking hard whether to do another reprint. Maybe I will just keep quiet and hope that sooner or later, it will become a classic.

Volume 2 unfortunately did not do as well. Given the experience of Volume 1, I printed 1,000 copies of Volume 2. Even though it was thicker, it was a bit pricier. Most people given the choice between Volume 1 and Volume 2 chose Volume 2 because it was cheaper and because you wanted to read the first volume first. I sure hope you go out and buy Volume 2 now.

Why am I talking about books? I am now on the verge of publishing another book, and no, I am not calling it Volume 3, the book will be a third compilation of all my articles for the year 2009. I won't be calling it anything yet but definitely not The Golden Warisan Volume 3. I do need a bit of help when it comes to designing the book cover and the title. I was hoping that readers of this blog and the book can come out and give me suggestions of what the book cover should looked like and the title. A free copy of the book and the other two books will be on the way to you if your design is chosen.

By the way, selectbooks.com.sg, a Singapore internet bookseller will be able to send you both volumes should you need to buy them.


Bruneian Dollar said…
Congratulations BR! Although, if you are racking your head off, the market is already moving towards e-books rather than a hardcover book. It saves the environment, plus it has almost absent production cost. So if you wanna make it cheaper, you can just value the book by its content instead of its overhead cost to produce, print and advertise it.

Amazon is already in the market for e-books, though there are some disputes between authors and publishers of e-books as well as the loyal readers to those authors about the price of an e-book. An argument that hasn't been settled down (as I was aware of).

And here's another advantage of an e-book for readers. They can download the e-book and print it if they want to read it like a real book. Of course, that would cost them some and that is why you leave it to them to have it a hard copy or not. But given the cheap price, who wouldn't? :)
Anonymous said…
Tahniah BR menulis Brunei kitani dalam versi cetak dan saya benar-benar berharap jika buku itu dapat dipublish dengan versi melayu. Kanak-kanak sekolah rendah pasti lebih mudah membaca dan memahami cerita dan sejarah Brunei itu(bagi anak-anak sekolah yang kurang dalam bahasa ingeris)

H said…
Mr BR, are you (or Brunei Resources) on Facebook? I wonder if the local amateur graphic designers would be interested in proposing designs. And I bet if Brunei Resources had an FB Fan Page, you could get lots of ideas for your book title.

Just ideas, it is of course entirely your choice whether or not you want to use FB as a channel. :)

Good luck with your book!
Anonymous said…
Mr.BR, books for history student still available? because i haven't got the time to go to Berakas, thanks :)

and regarding the suggestion for book cover, you should design with 'bunga air muleh' :D

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