The 15th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

Today, I will not talk about Brunei but rather I would like to post this very short piece to celebrate something which enabled all of you to be here to read this article. Something for you all to ponder.

You see, yesterday, the 6th of August was the 15th Anniversary of the world wide web - the ubiquitous finally became a part of our lives. On this day 15 years ago on 6th August 1991 - links to the fledgling computer code for the www were put on the alt.hypertext discussion group so others could download it and play with it.

15 years on, the web is so intertwined into our lives that a lot of us can no longer imagine what life would be without it - how hard life would be - how difficult it would be.

Thank you Sir Berners-Lee.


Tina D said…
I've always wondered who started it all..
Anonymous said…
Yesterday was also the 61st anniversary of Hiroshima Nuclear bombing.Thanks to A for the sober reminder.
Anonymous said…
Where was I 15 years ago? Hmmm ..... I was doing my A-Levels and my computer knowledge was zilch. The only computer I knew that time was the Atari 2600, Nintendo 8 Bit, Sega 8 Bit, Amstrad, Sinclair and so forth. I remember during that time, Hard Drive normally in the range of less than 100MB, Processor of x386, RAM of 8MB or 16MB (for the superduper PC), 1.44MB Diskdrive is a must and cost millions of dollars to have. Dial-Up was the in thing in the 90's where the speed of 14.4KB then 28.8KB and 33.6KB (if Im not mistaken) is in the fray and the blazing fast Modem was the US Robotics Modem. That was a must have for Web-Surfer and mIRC was a cool thing to do. Damn. Those years just fly away and who would have thought that the World Wide Web is 15. Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
You mean AL GORE DIDNT create the internet??? OMG! I feel so confused now! I have to go take a nap...

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