USS Rodney M Davis in 20th Military Exercise in Brunei


BRUNEI-MUARA, Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - THE naval militaries of Brunei and the United States began their 20th Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) yesterday at the Muara Naval Base.

Rear Admiral Charlie Williams, Commander of the Task Force 73 highlighted CARAT - which will run until Friday - as a 20-year strong relationship which has proved its worth in increasing interoperability between the two nations, with training both on land and at sea.

“A 20-year relationship in any regard is something that should be appreciated and taken advantage of. Especially in the case of Brunei which was one of the first countries to be a part of CARAT, and every year it gets better,” said the Commander during a press conference yesterday.

On urban terrain, the Royal Brunei Land Force and the US Marines will jointly conduct operations at the Future Explosives Ordinance Training Area (FIBUA) at the Penanjong Garrison in Tutong.

At sea, the USS Rodney M Davis which houses an MH-60R helicopter will train with RBN’s KDB Darulaman and a S-70A helicopter from the Royal Brunei Air Force.

This year, medical evacuation at sea, a symposium ashore and shipboard helicopter operations will be included in the training.

The Commander said the CARAT exercise has also translated to real-world scenarios pointing to the deployment of ships from both countries immediately after CARAT last year to provide humanitarian and disaster relief to typhoon victims in the Philippines.

For the CARAT exercise in 2015, the Commander revealed that the USS Fort Worth combat ship will be deployed, representing United States navy’s step to move forward in the Asia-Pacific region.

To stress the importance of the new ship joining the exercise, the Commander pointed out that “it differs to the USS Rodney M Davis because of its ability to go to places where other ships may not be able to. He also noted its surface warfare mission package.

The USS Rodney M Davis also welcomed members of the media as well as US Embassy staff and their families yesterday afternoon.

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