Shell International Confident in Brunei's Energy Future

Graeme Smith, Shell International VP for Exploration in Asia and Australia

Rachel Thien

MANILA, Thursday, November 20, 2014 - SHELL International’s VP for Exploration in Asia and Australia yesterday said he is very confident there is more oil and gas in Brunei, and is looking to see how undertaking exploration can be economically viable for Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) and the government.

Speaking to The Brunei Times here in Manila on the sidelines of a briefing of the Philippines Malampaya Deep Water Gas and Power Project, Graeme Smith said his role as VP for exploration is to try and find new hydrocarbon pools in Brunei.

“I am very confident that there is more oil and gas in Brunei. What I would love to see, double check and have a conversation... is how we can make those rewarding for both Shell and the government,” he said.

With regards to exploration, Smith said he would love to drill more and see whether the small accumulations can be economic for BSP and therefore make money, given that the bigger accumulations have already been tapped into.

Asked whether he forsees challenges in exploration activities now that Brunei is looking towards the use of renewable and alternative energy, he said: “I think everywhere needs to look at both.

“We need efficiency, which means switching off air conditioners, and getting more appliances that are ‘A’ rated. First of all, every little bit of use of energy needs to be more efficient,’’ he said, adding that hydrocarbons will be needed for the future.

Sebastian Quiniones, Managing Director of Shell Philippines Exploration BV, said from a Shell perspective, they are very proud of BSP and are glad that Shell is permitted to be able to further explore in the country.

“They have been a very responsible company there, and have developed the country so much. I have been in Brunei and I have seen the facilities there and how they (BSP) have helped the people, and I am very impressed,” he said.

“We shamelessly copy the good things BSP has done, such as the Green Days, which is the process of monitoring performance safety and I shamelessly stole the good stuff that they are doing.

“That is what you do in Shell. You always try to get the best practices around,” he added.

Asian journalists have been invited to take a closer look at the Malampaya Deep Water Gas and Power project, a public-private partnership which has contributed to the Philippines’ reduced dependence on imported fuel by 30 per cent.

It is currently providing up to 40 per cent of Luzon’s power generation requirements, and has remitted over US$7.7 billion to the Philippine government as of June.

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