News from the Past: The $100 Notes Disappeared and Came Back

This $100 notes were taken off circulation in November 1994

This $100 notes replaced the old $100 notes in November 1994 and this was replaced eventually by the $100 polymer notes of today

NOVEMBER 7, 1994 – The Brunei $100 notes are back. They will reappear once again over the counter and in ATMs at local banks as from today. This follows a directive from the Brunei Currency Board to the Association of Banks over the weekend, bank sources said.

Banks were told to put them back into circulation with immediate effect.

According to sources, Brunei $100 bills began to disappear from the public eye following an advisory from the Brunei Currency Board, according to bankers.

Fifty dollar bills were used instead. ATMs were also emptied of $100 bills. Sources, however, emphasised that $100 bills were still legal tender and there should be no cause for alarm. The operation to withdraw the current $100 notes from circulation went on very smoothly, and it was pronounced a success, according to bankers. – Ignatius Stephen

The Borneo Bulletin


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