Muslim Scientists Catalysts to Development

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: A physically and spiritually balanced exemplary Muslim scientist is important to catalyst national development and wellbeing that will spur Brunei Darussalam's aspiration to become a Zikir Nation. This was among the matters raised at the Premier Forum of the Knowledge Convention 2014 that discussed Exemplary or Model Muslim Scientist.

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office consented to grace the forum, held in conjunction with His Majesty's 68th Birthday. The event took place at the International Convention Centre in Berakas. Accompanying His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was His Royal Highness Prince 'Abdul Malik.

Upon arrival at the ICC, His Royal Highness was welcomed by the Minister of Home Affairs, Yang Berhormat Pehin Udana Khatib Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Haji Awg Badaruddin bin Pengarah Dato Paduka Haji Othman; and the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, Dato Paduka Awg Haji Abdul Wahab bin Juned, as the Joint Chairmen of the Knowledge Convention 2014 Steering Committee, and the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, Dato Paduka Haji Ali bin Haji Apong who is the Chairman of the Knowledge Convention Premier Forum 2014 Working Committee.

The recitation of Al-Fatihah was led by Yang Berhormat Pehin Datu Imam Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Haji Awg Abdul Hamid bin Bakal.

In his welcoming address, the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, Dato Paduka Haji Ali bin Haji Apong as the Chairman of the forum's working committee, among other things, touched on the meaning of the Model Muslim Scientist, including the spiritual and productivity aspects that should be instilled early in the education of the scientist.

Three experienced experts in Science and Technology discussed and explained the meaning of Model Muslim Scientist. The forum was chaired by the Acting Director of Drainage and Sewerage, Dr. Nor Imtihan binti Haji Abdul Razak.

The Director of the Sultan Omar Ali' Saifuddien Research Centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Professor Datuk Dr. Osman bin Bakar said Muslims were obliged to ensure that the application of science and technology was based on guidance from Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.

He added that Muslims scholars in the era of Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam were the best examples of personalities who were respected in the East and West because of their knowledge.

The Deputy Rector of Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) Dr. Hj Mohammed Hussain Pehin Penyurat Haji Ahmad said that producing a Model Muslim Scientist in this era requires a solid educational system to ensure the country's people acquire the knowledge and skills from lifelong learning in worldly and hereafter affairs.

This would lead to enhancing the science and technology capacity, well organised and sustainable infrastructure provider system as well as preserving the environment.

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, Manchester University of the United Kingdom, Professor Dr. Salim Al-Hassani outlined that the source of knowledge in Al-Quran includes science and technology. Conducting studies and research are vital for experts to understand and practise it. The science and technology accepted by Islam is knowledge guided by Allah the Almighty because in this way it will not be oppressive and unjust.

The Doa selamat was read by Yang Berhormat, Pehin Datu Imam Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Haji Awg Abdul Hamid bin Bakal.

The Premier Forum aimed to instil understanding and awareness on the relation between science and technology and development that is based on Islamic teachings and eminence.

Their Royal Highnesses also consented to view the Knowledge Convention Exhibition. The exhibition showcases knowledge and information on the role of Science and Technology as the catalyst in providing infrastructure and enhancing the quality of the people's life.

The exhibition also showcases the achievement of Muslim scientists in the glorious era of Islamic civilisation. It is not simply to stir nostalgia for the Golden Age of Islam but its two main objectives are to understand that Islam moves in tandem with scientific and technological development even today and as a method to assist Muslims outline their mission and vision to create an Islamic image and identity in science.

The Almarhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien Memorial Gallery displays an exhibition with the theme, "The Monarch's Leadership In National Development Encompasses Science and Technology".

The exhibition focuses on the excellent leadership of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and His Majesty's late father, Almarhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien in bringing progress to Brunei Darussalam. ©BRUDIRECT.COM


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