Wild Pet Animals

Last Sunday while I was competing in the colouring competition during the World Town Planning Day, my 8 year old son called me. He was excited about a 'mickey mouse' which he had just bought at his school's fair and he wanted me to get him a cage complete with drinking water etc. I was quite surprised as I hadn't heard him say anything about pets, let alone mouse, over the last few days. Normally he would have said something and I would know something is up. Apparently the school's fair had been going on over the last few days and many of his friends had each bought a mouse to bring him. That guy selling him is certainly making a killing.

Anyway I duly stopped at a petshop on the way home and got him a cage with the full works, bedding, bottle and food and the whole lot cost almost twenty times the cost of the $5 mouse. Got the cage home and my son was excited seeing this mouse in the cage. Over the next few days, the mouse got more adventurous to the point that we can see it running in that running wheel thing in the cage. Last night while we were watching television, we saw the mouse had managed to overcome its cage and started to explore around the area outside its cage.

That got a little bit too adventurous for us and the mouse had to go out. We had to find him a new box as clearly this cage is clearly not going to hold him. Then our maid discovered that this small rodent has teeth as she was bitten by it when she tried to grab hold of the mouse. This is certainly a dilemma. It is not yet but getting there, that the mickey mouse is not certainly as tame as the seller makes it out to be.

I remembered when I was in England, near Christmas time, there were always adverts from the RSPCA about not getting a pet for Christmas gift. RSPCA had to del with thousands of pets abandoned after Christmas. We have not yet reached the level that RSPCA had to face in UK but there would be many of us wondering what to do with our little mice which our children bought during school's fair when we no longer see it as cute and cuddly.


Rozi said…
A dwarf hamster would've worked better ;-)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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