Brunei's Escalating Prices

When I was still in school, I used to wait for a Lat cartoon in the Straits Times. Lat did not draw everyday but the moment his cartoon comes out, I would know what it was. Even silent cartoons without words would still make me smile.

Today I don't have to wait for Lat. We have our very own Lat in the form of cuboiart. Mr. Cuboiart gets my vote for being Mr Lat of Brunei. Yesterday's cartoon in BB was a classic. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows what the cartoon is all about. Prices go up because some other prices went up. In this case, price of oil. This economic phenomenon of sticky prices is interesting. But it is sticky going downwards but has not much resistance going upwards. The only announcement so far is the airlines lowering their extra high fuel surcharge.


Al-Qadr said…
I've always admired our humble local kampung boy, Rhyme a.k.a cuboiart. If he hadn't been recruited by a big Bruneian firm, cuboiart would have probably gone professional as a cartoonist or into 3D e-animation. Cuboiart could even go all the way to Hollywood making box-office USD$!

In contrast, Malaysian cartoonist Lat (full name: Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid) is of the old school style but his extrovert personality is Lat's X-factor to draw in fans. I know one of his Japanese fans who travels once a year to KL just to get any latest products by Lat! And more recently Lat has made inroads into the US market. Not bad for a M'sian kampung boy made good, eh! :) My point in posting this, BRo, is simply to highlight the fact that Brunei has one RAW TALENT too many like cuboiart who are awaiting the right support, guidance, exposure & BIG break.

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